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Full spectrum CBD tincture to relieve anxiety, stress, pain, balance hormones and give you holistic well-being.

What is CBD?

It is safe?

CBD Zen Benefits

Relieves pain and inflammation

Improves mental health

Benefits sleep and is neuroprotective

Promotes skin health

Relieves premenstrual syndrome

Regulates hormones and metabolism

Supports reproductive health

CERTIFIED Vegan CBD Tincture.

CBD ZEN is made from hemp plants grown on USDA certified farms within the United States in Wisconsin.

What makes our CBD Zen special

Our tincture provides a natural source of CBD and other cannabinoids, nutrients, proteins, essential fats and terpenes, meaning it is "full spectrum."

These compounds work together simultaneously to maximize their therapeutic properties, that is, synergistically.

This action is known as the "entourage effect" and is what makes CBD ZEN so effective and safe in its function of balancing our body.

Our CBD tincture is blended with certified organic MCT oil extracted from coconut to further improve absorption and digestion.

As an extra, we have decided to add VITAMIN D of natural origin to maintain healthy bones.