If you want to dare to enjoy alone or with your partner to get out of the routine with a remote control vibrator, here we present Manta, the most beautiful, discreet and fun vibrator you will find. Manta comes to add a touch of passion and daring to your relationship with your partner or with yourself. You can wear it discreetly under your underwear and nobody will notice it, you decide if you give control to your partner or activate it yourself. When activated, MANTA will gently vibrate with different patterns and intensities, stimulating your most sensitive area, the clitoris, providing you with safe pleasure!

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Clean your MANTA before and after using it with water at room temperature and with the Zenzsual cleansing foam, you can also use any mild alcohol-free soap. Dry well with a cloth that does not leave residue. Please read the quick start guide carefully before use. Charge it for 1-2 hours or until the flashing light stops blinking. Remove the charger and turn on the Manta by holding down the power button on the tip for 3 seconds. Place the Blanket between your vulva and your panty, with the tip facing down and the softest flat part in contact with your clitoris. Make sure the remote has its battery and you're good to go! Now press the power button on the controller and then with the button below start exploring what rhythm and intensity you want to use.

Made with medical grade silicone, without parabens or phthalates.

Gentle and vibratory clitoral stimulation is the easiest way for most women to achieve an orgasm. With Manta, you can take stimulation to another level, alone or with a partner, and experience pleasure while also escaping routine.  Thanks to its discreet design, you can wear it and no one will notice. Manta offers the possibility of including your partner in a fun game that ignites passion and revives any relationship.  Pleasure, communication, complicity, and intimacy strengthen the bond between couples.  All of this is possible with Manta. 

  • It is recommended to use with a Water-based lubricant like Zenzsual's so as not to damage the medical grade silicone.
  • Do not wash it with products that contain alcohol or acetone.
  • Do not wash it with water that is hotter than 40 ° C/104 °F .
  • Please do not use it while it is charging.
  • If you notice any discomfort, stop using it.
  • Do not use it if you notice deterioration on the surface of the product.
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.

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