Recover your intimate health and strengthen your femininity

Our Zenzsual® VagiYoga® vaginal exerciser has been designed to exercise and recover the pelvic floor muscles. By caring for and toning your beloved vagina, doing exercises and training that can be monitored from your mobile phone. Based on anthropometric studies and perimeter pressure technology.
The download of the application for iOS and Android smartphones is completely free.

We know that after one or more pregnancies the pelvic musculature changes and needs proper recovery. Maternity is something beautiful, do not allow your pubocoxygeal muscle to remain atrophied, or urinary incontinence or even a post-operative state -gynecological- deteriorate your health and intimate life.

VagiYoga® is very easy to use and its impact is permanent!

Recover your pelvic floor and health, changing to a style of a modern and empowered woman. Intimate health, from within!
Getting the most out of your VagiYoga® will be very simple by applying these 3 fundamental keys:

Once you have completed your initiation test from our application and you know the physical condition of your vagina, you can start and dedicate yourself to practical exercises using your VagiYoga®. You can do it individually or with your partner, with total discretion and comfort thanks to its imperceptible sound and its portable size.

How to use VagiYoga® with the App?

How to use VagiYoga® without the App, manually?

How to charge VagiYoga® and do maintenance?

Intimate health and pleasure!

Live the challenge and meet your training goals in an entertaining and pleasant way. Its modalities of activities through the application will be connected in real time with your VagiYoga®, to transform your health through simple pelvic exercises. The application will allow you to choose one of its four levels and improve yourself more and more.

Check your statistics right there and see the progress every week . Remember: Strength, Concentration and Perseverance are the keys to obtain the best results. Finally, you can close your session and relax with the massage mode… You choose the intensity!

Click on the button that corresponds to your mobile phone and download the application:

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VagiYoga® Mobile App Features

  • Intelligent perimeter pressure sensor
  • High performance independent motor
  • Focused Vibration Points
  • Wide adjustable vibration spectrums
  • Frequency conversion vibration
  • 100% waterproof
  • antibacterial material
  • Control via mobile App (Android and iOS)
  • Personalized evaluation and statistics
  • rechargeable lithium battery
  • 4 hours of battery life
  • No manufacturing seams or welds
  • Easy cleaning and long durability
  • ultra quiet
  • 100% comfortable touch and design
  • Various modalities of pelvic and vaginal training