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Benefits of being a Zenzsual Ambassador:

· You get 20% of the total sales made through your personalized link (unique link) just for referring. The entire pre and post sale process is in our hands.
· You do not need an initial capital, nor rent a place or a warehouse.
· By joining the group of Zenzsual Ambassadors you immediately have access to a virtual office that helps you track your sales.
· An ambassador can purchase her first complete kit of Zenzsual products with a 50% discount in the first 30 days.
· You will have access to talks, workshops and training to grow and improve your sales, persuasion and personal growth tools.
· Privileged access to monthly promotions for the Ambassadors in Zenzsual products.

What do I have to do to join the Zenzsual Ambassador Program?

· Register by completing the form with your data.
· Wait for the approval mail.
· Upon receiving the welcome email you will already have access to your link or ambassador link.
· Start sharing your link and selling.