VagiYoga® Help and Manual



We are pleased that you decided to improve your intimate health and that you have chosen VagiYoga® as your personalized trainer.

On this page we want to offer you help for when you start using the product. As you already know, VagiYoga® is a device that has a mobile application that you can download here for iOS and here for Android .

Keep in mind that, if you need it, the VagiYoga® device can be used manually, without being connected to the mobile application.

Well, to get started using VagiYoga® we share with you:

You can also watch these videos:

How to use VagiYoga® with the mobile application?

How to use VagiYoga® manually (without the app)?

How to charge and maintain VagiYoga®?

We hope that all this information is useful to you and that you can start your training with a lot of discipline and perseverance.

If you need further assistance, contact us by email: or on any of our social networks.