Are you living with headaches? Find out how to free yourself of them without visiting the drugstore

Do you suffer from headaches that feel like you have a band around your head? How often do you suffer from them? If we are talking about very repetitive episodes, then stress is probably wreaking havoc on your health and it is important to take action soon.

Tension headaches are more common than we imagine and we can prevent them with some changes in our lifestyle. Keep reading and we will explain what tension headache is, what its causes are, and what you can do to prevent it.

What is a tension headache?

Tension headache, as it is also known, is pain or discomfort in the head, scalp, or neck that is associated with tension in the muscles in these areas.

It is the most common type of headache. Up to 80% of adults in the US report getting them from time to time, and the bad news is that women are twice as likely to get them.
The cause of tension-type headaches is unknown. Experts used to think they came from muscle contractions in the face, neck, and scalp, perhaps the result of intense emotions, tension, or stress.

But new research suggests that it may be an increased sensitivity to pain in people who have tension-type headaches.

Mild to moderate pain often described as feeling like you have a tight band around your head, exact causes are not known, but we do know that stress is the most commonly seen trigger for tension headaches .

There is a whole list of factors that can cause them so take note:

  • Insufficient rest.
  • poor posture.
  • Emotional or mental stress, including depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Fatigue.
  • Very regular consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.
  • dehydration.


Should I worry if I have tension headaches?

Although you can live with these tension headaches (generally they do not prevent you from performing daily activities and do not affect vision, balance or strength), the ideal is that for your well-being you look for ways to eradicate them, especially when they become chronic pain .

Most of the time, tension headaches are triggered by stress and by following our recommendations you can help manage stressful situations for your mental and physical health.

Headache and Menopause
The hormonal changes that mark the onset of menopause affect the chemicals in the brain that cause the perimenopausal headache. For this reason, there are many women who, at this stage, begin to suffer frequent headaches.

In addition, studies have shown that these headaches are more common in women who have suffered from migraines or headaches all their lives, and these may become more frequent and severe as female sex hormones begin to decline.

Another of the triggers for headache at this stage are psychological changes: anxiety, irritability, mood swings or insomnia influence the appearance and intensity of the headache.

What can I do to prevent them?

It's important to keep in mind that medicines don't cure headaches, and over time, pain relievers and other medicines may not help as much as they did at first. It is important to identify what is causing them.

If you do not want to resort to drugs, nothing better than assuming new relaxation routines, natural remedies and supplements, practices to feel better and prevent headaches:

  • Keep stress under control

  • Stress and tension-type headaches, as we've mentioned, have been shown to go hand in hand. To reduce stress, try these simple tips:


    • Learn to say no : Simplify your life. Embrace your priorities and don't add more activities or tasks to your day.
    • Take a break: Incorporate some slow stretching or a brisk walk every 2 hours to reduce stress levels.
    • Count to 10: Take several deep breaths, identify what is stressing you out at the moment, and assess what you can and cannot do.
    • Relieves muscle tension

    A good massage can relieve muscle tension and sometimes a headache, but if you can't visit a professional you can gently massage your temples, your scalp, exercise and stretch your neck and shoulders ( See video )


    Applies heat to relieve tight neck and shoulder muscles. A hot water bottle, warm pads, and/or washcloths can be helpful.

  • Keep a headache diary

  • Keeping a journal can help you figure out what's triggering your tension-type headaches. Note when they start, record how long the headaches last, and anything that gives you relief. The journal can help you spot patterns in your daily habits that may be triggering your headaches.


    If the headaches are sudden and recent and do not improve, it is vital to see a doctor, because there are other causes that only a health professional can diagnose and treat. The diary can be of great help to the doctor.


  • Incorporates natural relaxants

  • Our recommendation? At Zenzsual, we have developed a product that takes advantage of the natural properties of Hemp to help you control anxiety, enhance relaxation, reduce inflammation and enjoy a deeper rest.


    Our CBD Zen oil can relieve pain because it affects specific receptors in the brain. These receptors are part of the larger endocannabinoid system (cellular communication system) that plays a role in pain and inflammation throughout the body. In addition, the endocannabinoid system regulates functions such as mood, sleep, and appetite.

    CBD interacts by modulating the release of neurotransmitters that influence anxiety, such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and serotonin, which is a key neurotransmitter in regulating mood and anxiety. It is believed that CBD acts on these 5-HT1A receptors, which could explain its anxiolytic and relaxing effects, which definitely improve headaches that are caused by stress.

    Take one or a maximum of 2 sublingual drops (2ml) of CBD Zen daily for stress control and turn bedtime into a healing routine that can help you more than you imagine.

    On the other hand, if you are going through menopause, our Zenzsual Bye Bye Menopause supplement is a natural, 100% vegan, estrogen-free and soy-free formula that helps you regulate your hormonal function. Contains a combination of natural active ingredients, melatonin and zinc as a trace element that helps control mood swings, stress and control hot flashes, all factors that can trigger headaches associated with this stage.

    All in all, tension headaches can be a real nightmare, but you don't have to get caught up in that tight band around your head. Remember that stress and worries cannot resist your determination to combat them. With healthy habits and naturally relaxing, you'll be ready to beat them like a true warrior. So go ahead, show who's boss! Your well-being comes first.


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