Does Your Personal Appearance Make you Anxious? Strategies to Overcome Body Shaming

Does your appearance make you anxious? Strategies to Combat Body Shame

In today's society, where unrealistic beauty standards are omnipresent and constant comparison has become the norm, anxiety can subtly infiltrate our perception of our physical appearance. The pressure to meet these expectations can generate a constant feeling of dissatisfaction with our bodies, fueling insecurity and low self-esteem.

That feeling of feeling permanently dissatisfied with your weight or the appearance of your body and judging yourself harshly can trigger anxiety and depression and become a more serious problem. “Today I feel very fat”, “This doesn't look good on me”, “No one can like me” that constant negative dialogue can be very hard, but it is worse when it comes from others: whether they are friends, family or even strangers.

Currently there is talk of “body shaming” or “body humiliation” which means: shaming or making fun of someone for the appearance of their body. A practice that has become popular on social networks and in which body 'imperfections' are constantly pointed out.

“Body shaming” is not limited to body shape or size, but can also affect skin color, hair, hairiness, and overall appearance. Whether men or women, we can all be victims of “body shaming.”

What are the scope of this practice and what can we do to combat it?

In our daily lives we are told or receive messages through many channels about things that 'are not right' about our body and that we 'should' change. But this practice, little by little, criticism after criticism, can undermine a person's mental health. And this is true regardless of your age, appearance or size.

Some of the consequences of “body shaming” on people:

Low self-esteem: People lose confidence in themselves, may have an unbalanced vision and doubt their abilities or what they have to offer. Low self-esteem can have a negative impact on your physical and mental health, and even affect your performance at work or school.

Anxiety and depression: Body shame can trigger or worsen existing symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you are body shamed in public or on social media, the person with body image anxiety may avoid going out or participating in other social situations where this shaming may occur. Isolation and the expectation of being humiliated can be very serious for many people.

Eating disorders : In a study involving more than two thousand university students in the United States, it was indicated that there is an association between pressure to achieve the correct or desired weight and a high risk of suffering from eating disorders.

How to Fight It?

The first measures to protect yourself from body humiliation or shame are to stop humiliating yourself and take care of your health. Your well-being takes priority over your physical appearance, and that should always be your main concern.

Treat yourself with kindness and understanding. Taking care of yourself is necessary for your personal well-being. Exercise, eat healthy foods, enjoy the company of people who care about you, and spend some time outdoors. We all need a regular supply of things that make us feel good: hydration, relaxation, stimulation and sleep.

Manage stress. Being subjected to body shaming can be very stressful. Practice relaxation techniques such as exercise, meditation and deep breathing exercises, they are good ways to cope with the stress that puts pressure on us and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by negative experiences.

Direct your attention to the things you like about yourself. Your body is much more than its appearance. Recognizing and valuing your body and what it does for you is essential to having a positive body image. For example, if you have nice hair or skin, this is just as important as traits that you don't like or that others try to ridicule. The next time you look in the mirror, always highlight and be grateful for your positive side.

Don't humiliate other people because of their body. Research shows that when you encourage body positivity among others, you also feel more positive about your own body. Create a circle of people who are kind and treat others with respect and try to keep toxic or negative people from approaching you with “opinions” you didn't ask for.

Manage the time you spend on social networks. Spending too much time on social media can increase your anxiety, loneliness, and body dissatisfaction and reinforce unrealistic expectations of yourself. Control the type of content you follow and block anything that you feel hurts you, don't expose yourself to body shaming.

Practice physical activities. Walking, running, swimming, dancing, and other fun sports can make you feel better all around. If you can, move your body in ways that bring you joy and rejuvenation, and that help you connect with and listen to it.

Does your appearance make you anxious? Strategies to Combat Body Shame

How Can CBD Help You with Anxiety?

CBD (cannabidiol), particularly Zen CBD oil, has been shown to help in the management of stress and anxiety related to body shaming. Its relaxing and anti-anxiety properties offer a natural option to calm both the mind and the body. By incorporating our CBD Zen as part of a strategy to deal with anxiety you can experience significant benefits.

Combining self-love strategies and CBD can help you address emotional challenges related to the perception of your physical appearance. By integrating CBD Zen, meditation and conscious self-care you promote a state of comprehensive well-being that can help transform your relationship with your own body image and reduce associated anxiety.

A positive body image is not just about feeling good about your appearance: it also involves accepting and loving your body regardless of your appearance and taking care of it to address its needs. Practice these strategies regularly to promote and maintain a positive body image while learning to relate to the world and its “unsolicited advice.”

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