Who said that to be a mother you have to be chaste and pure? Mother yes, but not immaculate 😉

Motherhood can be a transformative, challenging, and beautiful role for many women. A transformation that changes everything: our body, our time, our priorities, our interests and even our relationship with our partner. It is very easy that, with all these changes, time passes and we do not stop to observe and value what is happening with our own sexuality .

In our society, there are entrenched stereotypes and restrictive expectations that force mothers to believe that motherhood and sexuality cannot coexist harmoniously.

These roles, stereotypes, and expectations can and are changing, yet we still live with the belief that a mother should be pure and chaste, focused solely on caring for her children, with no time or energy to enjoy her sex life.

Why, if we have been able to change many aspects of our lives to be better mothers, if we combine work and upbringing, why don't we consider giving our children mothers who can enjoy their sexuality healthy and responsibly?

Mother and mommy at the same time

Sexuality is a fundamental part of women's lives and is closely linked to emotional and physical well-being. At Zenzsual we never tire of repeating that the ability to experience sexual pleasure and freely express one's own sexuality is essential for the development and fulfillment of women.

The connection between sexuality and emotional well-being is that it can strengthen affective ties, increase self-esteem, and release endorphins that generate feelings of happiness and well-being.

Motherhood can and should coexist with a woman's sexuality. Parenting does not mean that we should nullify desire, pleasure and satisfaction.

Challenges of being a mother and keeping your libido in shape

We know from having been there that when trying to maintain an active sex life, mothers face various challenges that make it difficult to enjoy intimacy and feel sexually fulfilled.

Lack of time: The responsibilities and demands of motherhood can consume much of the time, leaving little space to dedicate to intimacy and the care of the sexual life. Daily chores, such as childcare, work, and household obligations, can drain the time and energy available for intimacy with a partner.

Fatigue: Parenting can be physically and emotionally draining. Sleepless nights, interrupted sleep and constant attention to the needs of the children can leave both parents exhausted at the end of the day.

Child care demands: The responsibility of caring for and caring for children -especially in the early years- can make us feel constantly busy and tied to the needs of our young. Constant attention to children can create barriers to intimacy and make it difficult to plan and enjoy intimate moments with your partner.

Physical and Emotional Changes: During pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting, women experience a number of physical and emotional changes. These changes can include hormonal disturbances, changes in the body and body image, as well as changes in libido and sexual desire.

It is important to recognize these challenges and seek appropriate strategies and support to overcome them.

Satisfied mother, happier children

It is important for children that their parents, especially mothers, have a positive and active attitude towards sexuality. When children grow up in an environment where they are shown that sexuality is a natural and healthy aspect of life, they learn valuable tools for their future:

  • A solid model for developing a healthy relationship with your own future sexuality.
  • A way to live your sexuality in an open and positive way.
  • They understand that it is a normal and respectful part of human relationships.

It goes without saying that when a woman feels satisfied and fulfilled in her sexual life, she is more likely to have a positive mood and higher self-esteem.

Don't take sex off your priority list

We know you're busy with multiple responsibilities, but with a little effort you can adopt practices and strategies to maintain a satisfying sex life. Find some recommendations:

Planning: Setting specific times for intimacy can help overcome a lack of time and ensure dedicated moments for sexual connection. This involves establishing regular hours for intimacy and communicating openly and honestly with a partner about needs and desires.

Creativity : Finding creative ways to maintain sexual connection and intimacy can be beneficial. This could include exploring new forms of sexual expression, such as role-playing, fantasizing, or incorporating sex toys. Prepare yourself with a gel that hydrates and lubricates, a cream for massages and a vibrator as a basic kit to take the game to another level.

To extend the pleasure even more, a toy like the Zenzsual TriOrgasmic Vibrator it can stimulate three points at the same time and take you to an unforgettable orgasm, even with your partner 😉.

Exploration of new forms of intimacy : Motherhood can open the door to new forms of intimacy with the couple. This may include practices such as mutual massage, bathing together, or exploring sensual and erotic activities that do not necessarily involve sexual penetration.

Experimenting with something new can be complicated when you have been doing the same thing for many years. We recommend the Zenzsual Blanket that comes to add a touch of passion and daring to your relationship. You can wear it discreetly under your underwear and nobody will notice it, you decide if you give control to your partner or activate it yourself.

Maintaining an emotional and physical connection with your partner: Open communication and emotional connection are critical to maintaining a satisfying sex life. It is important to maintain physical contact throughout the day, such as hugging, kissing, and caressing, to maintain the physical connection and nurture sexual intimacy.

Zenzsual kits can offer you various tools to enjoy and activate your sexuality in various ways. Take advantage of the offers in the month of mothers and give yourself a gift of pleasure and self-knowledge.

By adopting these practices and strategies, you can find ways to maintain a fulfilling and balanced sex life, despite the demands of motherhood and everyday life.

Motherhood is not an end point, but an opportunity to expand your horizon of experiences and show the world that you can be a mother and a woman, without quenching the passion and desire that burns within us.

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