To what extent is anxiety a normal emotion?

¿Did you know that 450 million people worldwide are affected by a mental health problem that seriously hinders their lives Anxiety disorder is one of the most common diseases but it has been underestimated, a large percentage of these people do not receive treatment or they receive an inappropriate one because they feel ashamed and are afraid of being judged..

How anxiety appears in your life

“Anxiety took control of my life when I started to feel irritated in public spaces, I avoided having to talk to other people as much as possible and at the same time I was afraid of being alone because negative thoughts invaded me. Any situation made me impatient and I felt that I was losing control of everything that was happening and what could happen; This caused me to enter a deep state of sadness and discomfort that I am just learning to overcome. I learned to live with this, although I still have bad days”

Testimony of Carolina, a 28-year-old girl with an anxiety disorder.

¿Who hasn't ever felt anxiety? It's something inevitable and necessary. When we hear it, we usually associate it with something negative or emotional discomfort, but in reality it is a process that all people experience when we feel threats and dangers around us, so it also represents a protection mechanism and helps us prepare to face it. dangerous situations..

But to what extent is anxiety normal??

Suppose you have an important exam at the university, this will probably cause your heart to race, your palms to sweat, your muscles to tense or even have trouble falling asleep the day before. It's normal anxiety! But, if you haven't slept for several days, you stop eating, you have a stomach ache, you want to vomit, and you even stop going to the exam, you probably have pathological anxiety..

If you constantly feel intense concern about insignificant situations and your reactions are exaggerated and lasting, listen to yourself! Anxiety can go from being something normal to affecting all areas of your life when you least expect it, there are external factors that cause it to develop and if you identify them in time you can prevent it..

Yes, you can eliminate anxiety from your life… when you recognize it and know where you are, you have already taken the first step. The second is to let go of control of things, keep in mind that there are factors that do not depend on you. For this process you can receive professional support and cultivate habits like the ones we are going to share with you, complement them with a lot of perseverance and self-love!!

  • Connect with him now let go of your past and your future How about you focus on the now Fill your mind with thoughts and emotions that you have in the present. Stop judging yourself for what happened and demanding for what is going to happen. If you change your perspective, your actions will also change.s.
  • Check your priorities ¿You are dedicating time to what makes you happy If your priority is your family, but you spend it working all day, try to adjust your schedule and dedicate more time to the things that are important to you, this will help you regulate your emotions ..
  • Your body is your temple that's why you have to pamper it through healthy eating and sleeping habits, take care of your physical appearance and exercise. Set specific times for going to bed and getting up, take a relaxing bath, or go for a 15-minute walk a day. Rely on natural products like CBD ZEN, this tincture of the Hemp plant can help you restore your sleep routine and improve your recovery after exercising.
  • Take care of your social relationships, Maintaining contact and communication with those around you will help alleviate discomfort and increase your positive thoughts.
  • slow down, try to stop from time to time, do not assume more responsibilities, avoid excessive busyness and remember that the day has 24 hours, of which you will allocate at least 8 hours to rest.

Anxiety will accompany you day by day, but the time it lasts depends on your perseverance to control it. Carolina's experience is different from yours, your process is yours alone, so be patient and learn to relate to anxiety, receive it as another emotion and listen to your body Stop and take care!!

Note: CBD ZEN has many benefits for your mental health, it helps you improve your mood, stress management and a sense of calm. Without a doubt, you can add it to the good habits that you will begin to cultivate from now on to counteract anxiety. You can learn more about its properties, benefits and ways of use here

Definitely, mental health is no longer a taboo, people who suffer from anxiety in a pathological way are neither incapable nor less intelligent. We are exposed to a fast pace of life that constantly exposes us to situations of anxiety and if we do not attend to it, it can become a disease, and when this happens it should be treated as such. There are solutions, the important thing is to become aware so as not to be indifferent.

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