Quick Guide to Coping with Stress and Anxiety During the Christmas Holidays

Quick Guide to Coping with Stress and Anxiety During the Christmas Holidays

The Christmas season, for many, is the "most wonderful time of the year", a period full of joy, gifts and celebration in the company of family and friends. However, for a considerable number of people, this season can trigger feelings of anxiety and stress that overshadow the festive spirit and turn Christmas into a real torture.

Some specialists call it the Grinch syndrome but more than "hating" the holidays, there are hundreds of thousands of people who really have a hard time on these dates because of all the stress and anxiety associated with complying with "traditions" and "expectations." around these holidays.

What Causes Christmas Stress?

Despite the general affection for the holidays, statistics from the American Psychological Association reveal that nearly half of women (44%) and a third of men (31%) experience a significant increase in stress during this time of year . The reasons are diverse, from the economic and social pressure of buying gifts to the stresses associated with traveling to meet those with whom one does not have a harmonious relationship.

Holiday stress and depression are often associated with a variety of factors, including overspending on gifts, tension at group gatherings, and physical exhaustion from holiday responsibilities. Identifying these factors can be the first step in addressing and mitigating the stress associated with the holiday season.

The problem worsens when expectations do not match reality, triggering feelings of depression or anxiety when feeling that one does not live up to the imagined ideal. The first step in dealing with holiday anxiety is to let go of unrealistic expectations and accept reality with compassion and flexibility.

Symptoms and Consequences of Stress

Symptoms of stress during these dates include sleep problems, increased anxiety, restlessness, increased irritability, and family disputes. The acceleration of the nervous system, a result of stress, can become a risk factor for health, affecting both physical and emotional well-being.

For people who already live with generalized anxiety disorder, these holidays can trigger episodes of anxiety and/or depression that should be prevented and carefully cared for.

Practical Tips for Surviving Christmas Stress

  1. Reduce Expectations:

Reducing expectations is essential to minimizing Christmas stress. Instead of focusing on perfection, recognize that Christmas is a celebration of friends and family. It's not about competing for luxurious gifts or extravagant meals, but about valuing the time shared.

By simplifying expectations, you relieve self-imposed pressures and allow yourself to enjoy the very essence of the holidays. The key is to remember that authenticity and emotional connection outweigh the need to meet idealized standards.

  1. Enjoy the moment:

Focusing on enjoying the present moment is a valuable reminder during the holidays. By paying full attention to the positive experiences that occur around us and the people with us, an environment conducive to gratitude and joy is fostered.

Additionally, recognizing that nostalgia and sadness often arise from happy past experiences can help redirect focus toward creating new positive memories. The key is to cultivate a mindset of appreciation for the present and the potential of the season to create memorable moments.

  1. Ask Others for Help:

Social support is a valuable resource during the holidays, especially for those experiencing anxiety. There's no shame in asking for help, whether it's to ease your workload, buy gifts, or simply talk through concerns.

Informing friends and family about difficulties experienced during the holidays can establish an emotional support network. Empathy and understanding from loved ones can make a difference in providing comfort and relief during challenging times.

  1. Avoid Comparisons:

Comparisons to others and external pressures can significantly contribute to Christmas stress. Instead of measuring the success of celebrations by external standards, it is crucial to focus on yourself and personal preferences.

The emphasis should be on enjoying the holidays on your own terms, without being influenced by the competition for perfection on social media or other media. The uniqueness of personal celebrations should be celebrated rather than compared.

  1. Learn to Say "NO":

Setting boundaries and learning to say "no" respectfully is essential to maintaining emotional well-being during the holidays. While it can be difficult to turn down commitments, especially those considered unavoidable, setting time and energy boundaries is essential to maintaining mental health.

The strategy is to evaluate each commitment carefully and determine how much time is reasonably manageable. Deciding to stay long enough to be remembered and then leave, without feeling obligated to stay until the end, allows you to manage social interactions more effectively.

  1. Prioritize your Health:

Physical and mental health should be top priorities during the holiday season. It's easy to neglect personal needs in the midst of celebrations, but taking care of yourself reduces anxiety and improves overall well-being.

Making sure you eat a balanced diet, stay physically active, and get enough rest are key practices for staying healthy during the holidays. Moderation in alcohol consumption is especially important, since excess can aggravate anxiety symptoms.

  1. Create an Action Plan Against Anxiety:

Developing a specific action plan to manage anxiety during the holiday season can make a big difference. Our recommendation? A few drops of CBD Zen .

CBD (cannabidiol) has been shown to interact with serotonin receptors in our body.

Why is this good news? Serotonin, also known as 5-hydroxytryptamine, is a neurotransmitter that sends signals between nerve cells, which in turn helps regulate sleep, memory, social behavior, mood, sexual desires, and many others. functions. Significantly helping to maintain the balance of our body.

To give your body a chance to fight Christmas stress, it is a good idea to start consuming CBD Zen as soon as possible so that it accumulates in your system and you begin to feel the benefits, and gradually calculate the dose that best suits you. It works for your body.

A daily dropper of CBD Zen , applied sublingually, can be an excellent way to face Christmas stress and anxiety in a better mood.

Quick Guide to Coping with Stress and Anxiety During the Christmas Holidays

In short, coping with stress and anxiety during the Christmas holidays involves a combination of practical and strategic approaches. Reducing expectations, enjoying the present, seeking support, avoiding harmful comparisons, setting limits, prioritizing health and developing an action plan against anxiety are essential steps to transform the season into a more positive and meaningful experience.

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