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Revealing the Benefits of Relaxation to Enhance Sexual Pleasure

Stress is a great saboteur of sexual enjoyment. High levels of stress can increase tensions between couples, increase anxiety and lower libido. In a sea of ​​pending tasks it often happens that our intimacy falls very low on the list of priorities.

However, unlocking the power of relaxation goes beyond stress relief; can significantly improve pleasure and satisfaction in our relationships. Relaxation fosters a harmonious connection between mind and body, allowing people to be more present and engaged during intimate moments.

We are going to explore the profound benefits of relaxation to achieve a more pleasant and rewarding sexual experience and prepare you to celebrate Valentine's Day with all your senses.

Cortisol vs. Oxytocin

If cortisol is known as the stress hormone, oxytocin is one of the so-called happiness hormones.

The human brain has the ability to produce four natural substances related to happiness, pleasure, relaxation, and relief from physical and emotional pain: endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine.

Relaxation triggers the release of oxytocin, often called the "love hormone" or "cuddle hormone." This hormone is associated with togetherness, trust, and intimacy. Elevated levels of oxytocin contribute to a feeling of emotional closeness and pleasure, improving the overall quality of the sexual experience.

It is scientifically proven that, if you feel loved, oxytocin increases and cortisol decreases, strengthening the immune system. Biochemically, it is essential to be happy, as is having a sense of humor and learning to rest and regain serenity and calm after the battles we all face every day.

Tips to Maintain your Oxytocin Levels:

  • Maintain active sexuality (with or without a partner).
  • Hug your loved ones.
  • Laugh daily.
  • Get massages.
  • Enjoy moments of leisure.
  • Eliminate toxic relationships.
  • Generate fewer links, but deeper and lasting ones.

The Pillars of Connection

And speaking of deep and lasting bonds, communication plays a fundamental role in desire and enjoyment. Relaxation encourages open communication and emotional intimacy in relationships.

Couples who prioritize relaxing together are more likely to communicate openly about their desires and preferences. This transparent communication creates an environment of trust, leading to a deeper emotional connection and a heightened sense of comfort during intimate moments.

However, it is not always so easy for us (and much less after long periods of stress) to relax and make space for moments of deep connection.

What Do Experts Recommend? How Do I Relax to Achieve Greater Pleasure?

Breathe deeply : Relaxation before having a sexual encounter helps keep breathing as slow as possible, even in moments of greatest excitement.

But breathing not only increases pleasure, but can also help with problems such as premature ejaculation in men. “Proper breathing during sexual intercourse is essential to control premature ejaculation,” experts point out.

The first step to achieve this is, as in everything, “to learn the correct way to breathe and that happens when the inspired air reaches the bottom of the lungs without moving the shoulders or the chest, but rather It is the abdomen that expands.” This gesture can be practiced daily and before having sexual relations, where control is lost.

People who practice yoga frequently learn to breathe this way and have a greater body-mind connection. According to a study on Mindfulness and Sexuality, people who practice meditation and yoga have greater awareness of their body and seek more novelty, flexibility, awareness and sexual motivation.

Laughter: Although laughter initially causes an increase in heart rate, its long-term effects result in a significant reduction in heart rate. Just like when we practice exercises.

Laughter mobilizes the diaphragm, the main inspiratory muscle, allowing you to increase lung capacity and improve breathing. With a laugh we can contract hundreds of muscles in the face, abdomen and neck.

Laughing as a couple has multiple benefits and studies have shown that shared laughter is an indicator of the well-being of a relationship.

Laughter sometimes works as a therapy that shows both people that the emotional bond is still strong, reduces cortisol levels and even serves to mitigate pain.

Looking for occasions, places, reasons to laugh is an excellent way to relax, communicate and create complicity.

Masturbate : At least once a week, find the time to masturbate alone, with no one around and no chance of interruption. What if I'm married? Even if you're married! And even more so if your sexual desire or pleasure has decreased. The idea is for you to relax, rediscover yourself and get to know yourself better.

Explore by calling up the list of fantasies you have and creating a comfortable space to do it calmly (always vary your fantasies, don't leave just one fixed). If you are one of those who have never done it or don't feel comfortable, you can also try exploring with toys.

The TriOrgasmic from Zenzsual is a vibrator with multiple benefits and can be part of the recipe for having a full sexual life. The TriOrgasmic stimulates three points (clitoris, vagina and anus) or one at a time. The best? You decide how far you want to go, you decide the speed, you decide how intense your orgasm will be.

You should always use it with lubricant (we recommend that you use it with the Zenzsual Long Lasting Intimate Moisturizing Gel , which also has hyaluronic acid and helps rejuvenate, hydrate and regenerate your vagina).

NOTE: The recommended frequency is just a minimum suggestion. If you want to resort to masturbation more often, it is healthy as long as it does not interfere with your relationship or your daily activities.

CBD: Our CBD Zen tincture can be a great help to relax you. It has been proven to collaborate with serotonin receptors in the brain, which are responsible for regulating mood.

By improving serotonin signaling, CBD extract can help improve mood and counteract feelings of stress and sadness.

CBD Zen tincture regulates the release of stress hormones such as cortisol, reducing the physiological effects of stress on the body. This can lead to a calmer state and better stress management.

If you also combine it using our LibiZenzs Women Energizer or LibiZenzs Men Energizer it will help you regain the energy and drive that will return your desire. Libido has its ups and downs and our CBD Zen and LibiZenzs Kit can do wonders for your intimate life.

The way CBD acts on neurotransmitters in the brain can help improve sexual sensitivity and relieve anxiety, which can indirectly help with performance and enjoyment.

Its properties do not stop there, but its effectiveness has also been demonstrated in alleviating skin disorders or insomnia, as well as reducing symptoms such as pain, inflammation or muscle discomfort.

Just relax! and take your sexuality to another level

In the search for a more satisfying and pleasurable sexual experience, embracing relaxation is a powerful and often underrated tool. By reducing stress, encouraging mind-body harmony, and promoting hormonal balance, individuals and couples can create an environment conducive to intensified pleasure and deeper emotional connection. So, take a deep breath, let go of stress, and let relaxation pave the way to a happier, more rewarding intimate life.

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