Let no one decide about your body… Informed and powerful

From time to time, more and more frequently, we see how women of all types and of all ages use their social networks to publicly speak out about their right to do what they want with their bodies. We recently saw Francisca Lachapel, presenter of the Despierta América program, giving herself a radical haircut live and direct, to finally be "her most authentic version", without wigs or hair treatments.

There was talk of "his most courageous decision", self-love, liberation and so on. She only dared to show off and wear her natural curls for the first time in her life. However, if you check her Instagram account these days, you can read the hundreds of negative comments and/or "constructive criticism" about her hair that she continues to receive daily since she made that decision.

Taking control over our bodies has never been an easy task. And in the 21st century it is still a "daring".

Influencers, actresses, celebrities, young and adult women claim their right to wear gray hair, not to shave, to go out without makeup and that is only an "aesthetic" liberation from beauty canons.

What happens when we decide to free ourselves from taboos? When did we decide to put aside the passive role? When do we want to be free of all the negative charge, fears and misinformation about our own sexuality?

Information is power

In that we firmly believe. From our networks and from this website, we insist on giving women the freedom to make informed and autonomous decisions about their bodies in order to live a fuller, more satisfying and authentic life.

The taboos around the body of women are still hidden in homes, in educational centers, and even in many medical offices. A study carried out by doctors Sonia Anglès and Camil Castelo-Blanco, researchers from the University of Barcelona, found that only 40% of gynecology and obstetrics personnel evaluate sexuality and ask about the existence of sexual problems.

The reasons given by the patients range from fear, shame, false beliefs and inability to consider that a pathology can affect their sexual life to the poor training of the doctor to talk about these issues.

If we can't talk about our sex lives even with our gynecologists, then with whom?

Gynecologists most likely to assess women's sexuality are those with specific training in clinical sexology, the study says.

But what happens if we start the conversation?

Actively assuming control of our bodies means informing ourselves, talking to specialists, researching, talking to other women, listening to our body.

You decide about your body

Our decisions are not just the result of rationally assessing the pros and cons. Our emotions and even our body memory and sensations are involved in decision making.

For example, learning about consent in sexual relationships is very important, and not just for adolescent girls. Women of all ages must be clear that consent must be the fruit of a conversation, of a free and happy negotiation about the desire to have relationships. It doesn't matter if you're married, if they're already in bed, if it's already happened once... at any time we have the freedom to decide no, that we NO longer want to.

It's your body and no one should decide about it

Take control

Where do I start? Taking control of your sexuality and your body starts with the most basic:

  1. Learn about your body: Getting familiar with your body and how it responds to stimulation is key to having a fulfilling sex life. Research the different parts of your body: the clitoris, the vagina, the nipples, and find out what you like and don't like.
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  2. Don't be afraid to experiment: As we get older, it's normal for our bodies to change and our sexual needs to change as well. So don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques, positions, and sex toys to find out what you like.
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  3. Communicate your wants and needs: Communication is essential for a fulfilling sex life. Talk to your partner about your wants, needs, and limits, and listen to theirs. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want, and make sure you're both comfortable with what's going on.

  4. Take care of your sexual health: As we get older, it is important to pay attention to our sexual health. Scheduling regular appointments with your gynecologist is essential.
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Go ahead with your own decisions. Never like now, women have had so much access to information, take advantage of it, contrast, investigate and empower yourself.

Happy International Women's Day!

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