I don't feel like doing anything... am I depressed?

We want to give it our all! we get up early in the morning and don't get home until night, we don't have time to exercise and we don't take care of our diet either. The desire to fulfill daily tasks completely absorbs us and we get used to following the hectic pace of life that society demands of us. But what happens when our body takes its toll? We start living tired and without energy all the time. Our initial reaction is to ignore it; instead of listening to our body, we take medicines that give us momentary relief without realizing that all we are doing is accumulating tiredness and consuming more energy.

Although we all feel exhausted from time to time, after a good night's sleep we feel refreshed and ready to face a new day. But if after resting, the physical or mental fatigue does not disappear, but continues to affect your personal, social and work activities, sound the alarm! Something is not right in your body, perhaps problems that you have internally are externalizing. There is a chance that it is momentary and improves over time, but before it gets out of control, find a way to fix it.

Our body speaks loudly...

More than being tired, it's feeling that you're so empty that it's hard for you to get out of bed, you don't even have energy to be with your family, you're not interested in having sex with your partner and you get irritated easily. What makes you feel like this? Each person is different, but in any case your body sends signals that you should not ignore. Going to bed too late, consuming too much caffeine, drinking alcohol excessively, eating junk food, exercising too much or not at all can all be habits that are draining your energy. If you want to find an answer, look within yourself, since your lifestyle may be taking you to the brink of the abyss.

Spoiler: You are not weak, you just need to learn to communicate and ask for help. Check with your doctor; there are some diseases or factors related to your lifestyle that can be the cause of your exhaustion. You are in charge of this movie having a happy ending, but don't stop watching it, pause it and reflect before continuing.

Do you have a purpose that makes you get up motivated every morning? This can be the root of your exhaustion, you need to have stimuli that charge your batteries every day. Do not fill your environment with things that give you momentary pleasure because they will only lead you to feel more disoriented. Acquire habits that help you recover energy and love life, we share some that can help you:

Your mind may be playing tricks on you: If the first thing you think about in the morning is how hard your day is going to be and all the responsibilities you have, your brain detects overexertion and sends signals to your body to reduce its performance and save energy . So, convince your mind that it can handle everything, turn words into a positive vehicle for your brain activity.

Keep moving: If your body is healthy, your mind will be healthy. Do not overdo it with the exercise, but try to never miss it in your routine.

Improve your sleep: Do not allow anything to interfere with your rest, including an adequate routine before going to sleep can make a difference. Don't drink energy drinks, don't overeat or go to bed hungry, keep a regular sleep schedule, and don't use mobile devices before bed. Infusions of valerian and chamomile can induce a restful sleep, especially if you complement it with CBD Zen, a tincture made up of CBD and other ingredients with beneficial properties for your sleep and mood without psychoactive effects. Establish a routine before going to bed, take a shower, listen to music, air out the room, or whatever activity is relaxing and enjoyable for you.

Start the day with energy: Prepare a breakfast rich in vitamins and energy elements. Never leave your house without breakfast! You can prepare yogurt with fruits, eggs, vegetables and other super simple and quick recipes. The first meal of the day will help you recharge your energy and deal with fatigue.

The most important tip: Give yourself time, it's okay to have responsibilities, but don't let them overwhelm you. CBD Zen is the perfect ally to balance your life and emotions naturally. And the best! we have the most attractive discount so far, you will get 50% if you buy this product right now, using the CBD50 coupon. As you can see, leading a healthy and healthy lifestyle is the best option to combat the fatigue of day to day. Take care of yourself to live better!

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