Digital Recess: Explore the benefits of a hiatus from social media

Digital Break: Explore the Benefits of a Social Media Break

A Week Without Social Networks: The Benefits You Didn't Expect

In the whirlwind of the digital age, social networks have become inseparable companions of our lives. From waking up with notifications to sharing every experience, these platforms have woven a digital network that encompasses every aspect of our existence.

Although they have brought us closer to communities and loved ones and provided us with unlimited entertainment, the concern arises: can temporarily disconnecting from this network offer tangible benefits to our mental and emotional well-being?

There are already many studies, neurologists and psychologists, that assure that taking a break from social networks, even if it is only for a week, can trigger a series of positive transformations in our lives.

Do you want to take a digital break? We share scientific data, recommendations and practical strategies to take a break that restores balance to your life, improves your mental health and allows you to reconnect with what surrounds you.

Social Networks and Mental Health

When we are immersed in social networks, the network of constant connections and notifications can cause reactions that can affect our mental health.

Stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders are unexpected consequences of constantly scrolling through endless feeds. The pressure to keep up, constant comparison with others, and the need for validation through likes and comments can create an overwhelming emotional burden.

How to identify if you have an unhealthy relationship with social networks?

  • You check the networks when you wake up or before going to sleep and it is already a compulsive routine that takes up a lot of your time.
  • You check them constantly while you do another activity (while we eat, work, drive, etc.).
  • You feel discomfort - even physical - when the phone is not at hand.
  • You are unable to watch a movie, have a deep conversation, or read a book without getting distracted.

These are signs that social media may be penetrating too much into your daily life. Science supports the idea that this type of constant connection can negatively impact our mental health.

Attention and concentration are impaired, and in more severe cases, there may be an impact on cognitive functions. There are already experiments that show that so many distractions can affect our IQ in addition to our ability to concentrate.

Benefits of Taking a Break

A study published in the journal "Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networks" in May 2022 suggests that a one-week break can have notable benefits on concentration. By freeing our mind from constant digital stimulation, we allow neural circuits to reorganize and strengthen, thereby improving our ability to concentrate on everyday activities.

Improved attention also translates into greater productivity. Digital rest not only frees up mental resources, but also encourages a clearer and more efficient focus on work and personal tasks.

Self-awareness: By freeing ourselves from constant comparison and external validation, we have the opportunity to connect more deeply with ourselves. Digital breaks invite us to reflect on our true needs, desires and goals.

Reconnect with real life: By freeing themselves from the endless flow of likes and short videos, people rediscover the joy of face-to-face communication. The quality of interactions improves, bonds are strengthened, and personal connections take on a depth that is often lost in the digital world.

Strengthens self-esteem: Freedom from the cycle of constant comparison with others in the virtual realm leads to a more authentic appreciation of oneself. Personal acceptance no longer depends on the metrics and standards of beauty and success that we constantly see on the networks.

Digital Break: Explore the Benefits of a Social Media Break

Strategies to Take a Digital Break

Now that we've explored the benefits that can come from disconnecting from social media, it's crucial to address some practical strategies to ensure a successful break. Here are some valuable suggestions:

Temporarily disable notifications:

One of the most effective tactics is to temporarily disable notifications from social media apps. This helps reduce the constant temptation to check your phone for updates.

Set Designated Times:

Another practical strategy is to set designated times for social media use. By limiting access to specific times of the day, you avoid the trap of endless browsing.

Use Time Control Apps:

There are applications designed specifically to help control time spent on social media. These apps offer features like daily limits, reminders, and usage statistics.

Promote Off-line Activities:

During the digital break, it is essential to fill the freed up time with offline activities. Whether reading a book, playing sports, or simply enjoying walks outdoors.

Establish Permanent Limits:

Even after returning to social media, setting permanent boundaries is still essential. This may include decisions such as not checking your phone during meals or allocating specific times of the day to use digital platforms.

Recover Focus with CBD Zen

The broad therapeutic potential of CBD allows us to recommend it to regain concentration and focus in our activities. Numerous studies show that consuming CBD oil has calming and anxiety-relieving effects, and that is the correct state to concentrate and improve our attention.

A 2020 study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology showed that a 600 mg dose of CBD increases blood flow to the hippocampus. This is the part of the brain responsible for memory processing.

As mentioned above, distractions, stress and overwork can significantly reduce your ability to concentrate. Give yourself a digital break and incorporate CBD Zen in this effort to regain attention.

By taking these breaks, we are not only protecting our mental health, but we are also opening the door to a more authentic connection with ourselves and the world around us. Ultimately, digital respite becomes a powerful reminder that sometimes true connection is found by disconnecting.

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